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Dr Fabian and Florence Ribeiro Treatment Centre
Dr Fabian and Florence Ribeiro Treatment Centre


  • The Centre provides In-patient treatment to youth and adults abusing substances
  • Care for children in conflict with the law.

Who is entitled to the service?

  • Patients referred either voluntarily in terms of section 40 or by court in terms of Section 22 of Act 20 for 1992: Prevention and Treatment of Drug Dependency Act, 1992.
  • Children in conflict with the law and awaiting trial referred by courts in terms of Child Justice Act ( Act 75 of 2008)

What are the criteria to receive the service?

  • Persons who are dependent on chemical substances and are in need of substance abuse treatment.
  • Children who are awaiting trial

How and where can the service be accessed?

  • Via an external Social Worker (Provincial Office, NGO's and Social Workers in private practice in the area where the client resides).
  • Chidren that are referred by the Child Justice Courts/ Criminal Courts.

What documents and information does the recipient need to provide to government?

-      An order issued by the Child Justice Court committing the child to admission in a secure care centre (J7 document) 

-      A body receipt ( issued by the South African Police Services)

-      Order for substance abuse in-patient care according to the Prevention and Treatment of Drug Dependency Act, 1992

-      Medical Certificate

-      Identity Document

-      Social Worker’s report / assessment report

Where is the service provided?

  • Dr Fabian and Florence Ribeiro Treatment Centre, Cullinan

What are the office hours of the service point where the service is provided?

  • The Centre renders an In-patient residential treatment. Admissions for substance abuse patients are Tuesdays and Thursdays between 08h00 and 16h00.
  • Youth in conflict with the law are admitted 24 hours.


Dr Fabian and Florence Ribeiro Treatment Centre

Head of facility:
Mrs Desiree De Vries

071 605 5342

Tel: (012) 734 8301/8327    

Physical Address:
Zonderwater Road

Postal Address:
Private Bag X1004

(012) 734 8300

086 771 1689    






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